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Contact information
E-Mail: gronvikgard@netikka.fi
Phone: +358 6 3436 660
Peter: +358 50 5166380
Maria: +358 500 984893
Fax: +358 6 3436 660
ADdress: Alskatvägen 944
Postal Code: 65760 ISKMO FINLAND

Grönvik Manor, also known as the Grönvik Glassworks, was built aproximately 1780. The glassworks (functioning from 1812 to 1907) were during their days of splendour the largest and most famous manufacturers of window glass in the Nordic countries. Today, only the main building, the administrator's building, the surrounding park as well as a grand granite ruin remain, all bearing witness to the former days of glory. Grönvik Manor is situated in Grönvik village, appr. 5 km before the famous Replot bridge in Iskmo, Korsholm, Finland.